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What You Did or Did Not Know


It's Bump Proof- Really!

    The media and general public are having a field day with the whole  Bump Key issue.  If you haven't done it yet, make an internet search on  "bump key" and see what shows up.  There are claims of lock bumping by  children as young as six and seven. Locks from the US and all over the  world are vulnerable.  

 Likewise the lock industry itself has become bizarre in its claims.   What locks are really bump proof? Medeco, Abloy or ASSA locks will  stand up to anyone trying to bump them regardless how much experience or  knowledge the thief has. Basic lock technology can be bumped. 

  "But what about modifying the existing cylinder?"   In some cases it  may make the lock more bump resistant, but probably not Bump Proof. 

 Today, most of the locks installed in America are not Bump Proof.   That includes everything from government housing to single family  homes.  How many government and commercial buildings still only have  a five or six pin cylinder as their lock system?  Demand Bump Proof! And  High security lock technology like Medeco.
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